Fred Hans
Born: 1958 in a suburb of Chicago
Education: University of Illinois at Chicago Circle
                 Morehead State University, Kentucky
                    BBA, major in Real Estate
Married:  Wife Lynne for 25 years
               Daughter Victoria
               Together we reside in Knoxville, TN

Experience:  Real Estate Broker in Illinois
                    Worked for both Residential and
                        Commercial Developers
                    Office/Industrial Construction
                    Custom Home Designer
                    Custom Home Builder (IL,TN)
                    Trim Carpenter, Cabinet Builder
                    Tile Installer

Philosophy ---

Ultimately, our goal is to create high-quality homes that are appropriate to their settings AND extremely functional. Over the years, we have completed over 200 projects, 65 of which have been built in Tellico Village alone.

Personal attention to each job ---
Each client receives one-on-one attention through the entire process from the builder, not from a superintendant.

Client participation ---
We invite our clients to participate and provide input during the design process and throughout construction: we never forget that our job is to make your dream a reality.

Professionalism ---
We maintain a consistently high level of professional care and responsibility in each project. We guarantee all of our work to be of the highest quality, as we know our clients would expect nothing less. Your project is indeed our project.
Ken and Lee Edge Residence